A Killer Paradox A Steamy Korean Thriller Coming to Netflix in 2024

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A Killer Paradox

An ordinary college student's life spirals out of control after a heated argument turns deadly. This suspenseful thriller, based on a popular webtoon, will keep you guessing until the very end. 

Doctor Slump

A talented but burnt-out doctor finds himself in a small rural hospital, where he must rediscover his passion for medicine and navigate the challenges of a new environment.

Alone in the Woods

When a group of strangers gather for a retreat in a remote forest, they find themselves trapped in a chilling mystery with no way out. This suspenseful drama will have you on the edge of your seat. 

The Bequeathed

A woman inherits a fortune from a mysterious uncle she never knew, but the inheritance comes with a dark secret. This gripping drama will keep you guessing as she unravels the truth. 

Marry My Husband

A struggling housewife makes a desperate deal with her best friend: they'll each marry the other's husband for a year, then switch back.

Everything Will Come True

A high school student with the ability to see the future uses her gift to help others, but she soon discovers that changing fate can have unintended consequences.

Badland Hunters

Bounty hunters in a post-apocalyptic wasteland risk everything to track down dangerous criminals. This action-packed drama is perfect for fans of thrillers and westerns. 

Officer Black Belt

A former martial arts champion teams up with a probation officer to take down criminals in this action-comedy. This lighthearted drama is sure to be a fun watch. 

Queen of the Scene

A powerful lawyer takes on a high-profile case that could change her life and career. This legal drama is sure to be both suspenseful and thought-provoking. 

The Whirlwind

A group of young people get caught up in a political conspiracy that threatens to change the course of their lives. This political drama is sure to be both timely and exciting.