Best Christmas Destinations in the World for Magical Christmas Celebration

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Bethlehem, West Bank

visit Bethlehem as the celebration of this festival can’t be more striking than the birthplace of Jesus. It is one of the best places to spend Christmas holidays.

Lapland, Finland

If you love seeing Santa everywhere on this lovely occasion, the Arctic Circle of Finland is a place to go.  

New York City, USA

Christmas plays really important role in the Empire State as a number of films have already revealed it

The Vatican, Italy

The beautiful Vatican City remains attractive all through the year but the month of December is really magical here.  

Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi Beach in Australia is known for offering the contrary of the northern-hemisphere Christmas formula – snow and fairy lights. 

Amsterdam, Netherland

Amsterdam is another great location for Christmas celebration in the world. The tale of Santa Claus (locally called Sinterklaas) is strongly told in the Dutch capital.

Munich, Germany

Munich is one of the most picturesque Christmas destinations in the world. 

Prague, Czech Republic

he beautiful city of Czech Republic - Prague looks beautiful on Christmas holidays. 

Dublin, Ireland

On the streets of Dublin, you get the opportunity to do a lot for Christmas.