February 19, 2024

Discover America's Best Drives: Epic Road Trips for Every Traveler


let's go on a long road trip


pacific coast Highway

The best place to start your trip is Los Angeles and finish in a small town called Eureka in north California wilderness from where you can catch a quick flight back

Bixby Bridge

one of the most iconic landmarks in California, and its stunning design and location make it a must-see attraction. Natural beauty: The Bixby Bridge Vista Point is located in the heart of Big Sur, which is known for its rugged coastline, towering redwood trees, and stunning vistas.

Blue Ridge parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway offers a peaceful escape from hectic urban life. Head out on an independent road trip.

Red Road,HI

Your road trip with a beach day in North Kohala and be sure to check out the black sand Beach off the POLOLU VALLey AWini Trail.

Samuel H.Boardman State Corridor

This corridor is a 12-mile, forested linear park with a rugged, steep coastline interrupted by small sand beaches.

Going-to-the- Sun Road in Glacier National park

Going-to-the-Sun Road is a 51-mile scenic drive in Glacier National Park. It's also known as the Highway to the Sun. The road winds through the middle of the park and is the only road through the mountain pass.