Top 5 Must-See Exhibits at Science Museum Oklahoma (USA)

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Divided into eight communities, each centered around a different scientific subject, this 20,000-square-foot "city" Interactive exhibits teach kids about anything from energy to the human body.

Dinosaurs: Ancient Life of Oklahoma 

Dinosaurs: Ancient Life of Oklahoma :- Step back in time to meet the ancient animals that once roamed Oklahoma. The exhibit also includes actual dinosaur skeletons.

Science on a Sphere 

Science on a Sphere: This giant sphere uses projection technology to show images of Earth from space. Visitors can see the Earth's continents, oceans, and atmosphere in stunning detail.


Spark!Lab is a hands-on exhibit that allows kids to experiment with science concepts. There are exhibits on everything from electricity to magnetism to the human body.

Tornado Machine 

Experience the power of Oklahoma's most famous weather phenomenon. The Science Museum Oklahoma's tornado machine demonstrates the science behind these powerful storms.